Hello blog world!

Welcome and thanks for reading this page. To have made it here you are either one of the first people to have been introduced to “Augustine’s World” probably because you know me or you have decided to go back and read through the archives. Either way, lovely to have you along.

It is my plan that this blog will be not only informative and entertaining but also provide information. Information about travel and photography along with anything else that seems pertinent.

So where will we be starting?

Fortuitously I am leaving my warm and comfortable home here in Brisbane and heading out on a 3 week adventure into the Australian Outback with a group of 8 Dutch travellers and my Dave.

Image by Augustine Mathews

A long road awaits. Image Augustine Mathews ©

Knowing the amount of organising that has gone into this trip should make for a bit of a giggle. Please, come and join us on what should be the first adventure we get to share together.

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6 Responses to Hello blog world!

  1. Dougie says:

    And so it begins…. Huzzah!

  2. ursh says:

    Good luck hope you have a fantastic time!

  3. Chris Robinson says:

    Have fun!! looking forward to the photographs!

  4. Judi Neumann says:

    Hi Augustine
    Very exciting – should be a fabulous trip. Looking forward to your story as you go and of course for the fabulous images. Good luck and good truckin’

  5. Jos Bruijstens says:

    Realy looking forward reading about the adventures / challenges you guys will face.
    Have fun, take care and come home save !!

    Jos Bruijstens

  6. Cheryl Archer says:

    I’m enjoying your travels, so far, and admiring some awesome images! I LOVE the one from Point Lookout across the ranges. That is just fantastic!
    Got such a laugh at the group’s introduction to Australia in teh pub on Melb Cup Day! Priceless.
    Can’t wait to read more. Enjoy your tour and stay safe – that’s for you all 🙂

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