A day late but we are on the road

Like all good journeys ours started a little later than planned (motor bike dramas) but we are on the road at last. For those who have just joined this epic journey here’s the back story for the adventure we are taking over the next 3 weeks…

Dave has a mate in Holland who runs motor cycle trips around the world and we are hosting 7 Dutch off-road motor-cyclists on an exciting trip through outback Australia. The rough plan is; Sydney-Dubbo-Lightning Ridge-Bourke-Tibooburra-Innaminka-Birdsville-Windorah-Tambo-Carnarvon Gorge-Basket Swamp National Park-Guy Fawkes River National Park-Crescent Head-Sydney!

Edwin (Dave’s mate) is the guru, Dave is the guide, and I am in the back up vehicle.

The prado loaded up and ready to go.

And how’s that going so far? Well, it is proving amusing. We nearly took out the entire streets worth of parked cars with the back door of the trailer…

Ooops - better close this before I hit any cars

Having decided to check the condition of the roads in northern New South Wales it seems they get Dave’s tick of approval for off-road biking and have certainly proven challenging for the poor old support vehicle. Casualty list so far … bike straps holding Dave’s bike in the trailer (until we join the others in Sydney) broken 3 times … significant case of stinging nettles on Dave’s arm and my foot and hand (they should be called burning nettles) … and 1 flat tire – damn sharp rocks they have up here.

Darned tie downs keep wearing through

Better change this tire

The Northern Rivers region or New England area of New South Wales are amazing. The diversity of scenery is staggering. Our day began in rocky river country then we found some of Australia’s highest waterfalls, stood wondering how our country was ever colonised as we stared across the blue distances of mountain stacked behind mountain of the Great Dividing Range and wondered if we had been transported to some Kiwi heaven of lush rolling green pastures. What a wonderland and tonight we find ourselves on the edge of the Pacific Ocean at Crescent Head.

View from Point Lookout in New England National Park

Can’t wait until the trip really starts on Thursday.

Fertile land the like of which we seldom see in Queensland


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3 Responses to A day late but we are on the road

  1. Cherie Ryan says:

    Hey, if you’re passing through Springsure on a Thursday or Friday the Kindy kids would love to see you! They might also be keen to ask your Dutch mates if they like Vegemite. At first they didn’t believe me that it’s really only available in Australia, and now they want to know what people eat on their sandwiches and toast if they can’t get Vegemite! Have a great trip! 🙂

  2. Ian Mitchell says:

    POint look out photo is amazing. Have a great trip

  3. Vikki Siliato says:

    Fabulous Augustine!! What a wonderful trip it’s going to be…
    Keep the images rolling, then I’ll be totally jealous.

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