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The explosion

A few quick facts: Distance travelled in total by me: 7535km from 30th Oct – 24th Nov Total days driving: 18 2 days Dave and me, 2 days only me, then Anja and me for next 3 days, Harm and … Continue reading


1 hour for every 1000

That would be one hour of cleaning for every 1000km of the tour (5,286km)! It took me 5 hours today to get the car looking the way my car normally looks (or the way I would like it to normally … Continue reading


Parting is such sweet sorrow…? Too cliche?

Today did see the break up of our little ‘family’. Dave was first to go flying back to Brisbane prior to heading back out to the back of beyond for work, then Leo mounted up in the pouring rain and … Continue reading


And the circle closes, but does not end

Sydney … after so many days of travel it seems strange to arrive back to the same hotel we left only 16 days ago and ironically just as we left in the drizzling rain, we arrived back the same way. … Continue reading


From the outback to the ocean

There is something delicious about the smell of salt on the sea breezes after days of dust and dirt. We have arrived at the gorgeous seaside town of South West Rocks, New South Wales and after 4 days of camping … Continue reading


Time flies when you are having fun

Time has really started to fly on this trip. I can’t believe we are now only a few days out of Sydney. The last few days have been a time to rediscover Australia for me. Having our Dutch friends so … Continue reading


Internet at last…

Tibooburra is a great town and after 3 days of waiting for the rains to stop we finally made it out. Thursday night had more rain and again the roads were closed (literally as we had breakfast). Thankfully by 11.30am … Continue reading

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Another day in Paradise

We had a small taste of Mother Nature throwing a terrific tantrum yesterday afternoon as a very impressive storm rolled across Tibooburra. First the thunderheads rolled in with a mighty crash then the heavens opened and we got a real … Continue reading


Flexibility is the key to travel

This morning dawned with heavy skies and rumbled threats of rain so the early start to Innamincka were shelved in place of a day or R&R and I think that we were all secretly quite pleased at the respite. Yesterday … Continue reading


Slipsy daisy…

Our accommodation in Lightning Ridge was at Lorne Station, a 10,000 acre cattle property about 5 minutes out of town down a dirt road. We were given the run of the original homestead, which proved to be a comfortable place … Continue reading