Flexibility is the key to travel

This morning dawned with heavy skies and rumbled threats of rain so the early start to Innamincka were shelved in place of a day or R&R and I think that we were all secretly quite pleased at the respite.

Heavy rains headed our way

Yesterday was a hard day – for all of us.

The start of the day saw us packed and on the road by 7.15 with 430km to travel, nearly all of it offroad. The guys were all super excited and keen to be on the way. By the time we hit the first stop most of them were buzzing about how unexpectedly difficult the riding was.

Dust dust and more dust - at least here it was not too deep and slippery

It seems that the Netherlands doesn’t hold that much soft red dust for mile after mile. By midday we had reached Wanaaring and a much appreciate lunch stop (190km in 4.5hrs!). Thankfully the riding got a little easier in the afternoon as we moved from red dust to endless rocky plains.

Flood plains

Leo had the amazing experience of having an emu pull up beside him as he was riding at 80km/hr. Apparently the bird was not happy with him as it was actually trying to peck at him as it ran. Sadly the video that we all prayed for did not turn out but his nickname has become old man emu.

My day turned sour when I managed to puncture 2 tires at the same time on the rocky roads. It is no fun to be changing and fixing tires in 40°C heat but my knights in sweaty armour came to my rescue.

Changing the flatter tire - the other we patched.

It should be interesting to see how the roads dry out for our journey tomorrow. Any more rain and we could be looking to head east not north 🙂

Edwin showing the Dane riding gear he brought with him

Leo, Robert, Willem,, Kaz (publican), Sheena and Mac (publican) at the bar of the Tibooburra Hotel


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3 Responses to Flexibility is the key to travel

  1. Dean says:

    High Adventure! Keep the updates coming.

  2. JudiN says:

    Loving the stories and images Augustine!

  3. Rossco says:

    190km in how long?
    Bloody BMWs

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