Internet at last…

Tibooburra is a great town and after 3 days of waiting for the rains to stop we finally made it out. Thursday night had more rain and again the roads were closed (literally as we had breakfast). Thankfully by 11.30am they had dried enough for us to be allowed through.

Road closed

All dressed up and no where to go

For the riders on their bikes and for me in the car it was terrific fun. The main parts were not too slippery but the creeks were trickling through and water and mud made for a messy combination with moments of high excitement as bikes and car each slid in the wallows.

Mud, mud, glorious ,mud

Robert and Henk, a pair of mudlarks

The dingo fence was a source of wonder. Just the idea that there is a fence over 1000km long just to keep dingoes out was mind blowing. (When we first drove up to the fence our Dutch friends thought it was a border fence – New South Wales over there, Queensland over here, and keep the gate locked 🙂 )

1000km of fence, Qld/NSW border

Please shut the gate

A long way from anywhere

We had Harms bike end up in the trailer due to a flat tire and he got to ride the last 10 km in the car, much to his disappointment.

After so long in Tibooburra I think that Noccundra was a welcome sight and the hospitality at the pub was terrific. Finding a replacement tire for Harm proved tricky but in the end I found one in Charleville that the postie would bring to Quilpie so the plan was Quilpie for the tire then to Cunnamulla for a rodeo.

Long straight dirt roads...

All things went perfectly to plan; we got to Quilpie to find the tire there, the boys changed it and we headed on to Quilpie. Unfortunately the rodeo was a bit of a disappointment as the real highlight of the bull riding was Saturday night and with the bronc riding on Friday (and not much of it) but I think the Dutch guys were all suitably impressed. If nothing else they proved they could put up a tent in good order when we got to the camp ground.

And long straight bitumen roads.

Yesterday, rather than hang around Quilpie it was decided to hop back on the bikes and push on through Dirranbandi to the national parks near Tenterfield (via the back roads). Road hazards for the day included soft slushy dust, slippery sand, serious corrugations and random herds of wild station cattle. Everyone was on high alert.

Eat my dirt


Road hazards

Unfortunately in Dirranbandi we couldn’t get a room (road work crews) so we pushed on the extra 100km to St George. The next few days will be camping so not sure when the blog will be updated but you can be sure, as Arnie would say…. I’ll be back.

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  1. Tania de Bruin says:

    Ohhh how I miss seeing red dirt ;), but I’m sure by the end of your adventures, you’ll be rather sick of it, especially when it comes to cleaning the undercarraige of the 4WD haha

    Great photos (as usual ;p), and can’t wait to hear of more of your escapades! 🙂

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