Time flies when you are having fun

Time has really started to fly on this trip. I can’t believe we are now only a few days out of Sydney. The last few days have been a time to rediscover Australia for me. Having our Dutch friends so enjoying the constantly changing scenery as we have ridden/driven through southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales has rekindled my appreciation for the beauty of this amazing country.

Camping has proven to be a real highlight. With Europe having had civilisation established for thousands of years there is not a lot of wild spaces left to just pitch a tent and relax to the sounds of the birds and a river and our Dutch friends are loving it. I think that the best bit for everyone is sitting at the end of a hot and dirty day with your tent set up, dinner simmering away on the fire, a beer in your hand and your feet in a stream. It is the simple things that bring such joy (although the leeches are a problem – well for me anyway).

Camping in the rain at Sundown National Park

Basket Swamp National park was a bit more rustic

Breaking camp this morning at Dalmorton

The scenery has gone from acres of wheat, cotton or cattle to steep hills/mountains with pockets of rainforest and rolling pasture. It is a joy to drive beside the river listening to the bell birds piping their calls and admire the work it takes to build these roads in such places. For me the challenge has been the steep downhills where the trailer is pushing the car along. It seems that low gear and lots of patience are the only way to safely make it to the bottom with brakes intact. So much to learn for all of us 🙂

The crew at Thunderbolt's hideout

Hand hewn tunnel made by convicts

In leaving this little blog for today I thought I would share a couple of observations made by a couple of people in the group…

Anja – in Australia it is easy to feel like you are the only person on the road as you travel for miles and miles without seeing another vehicle but when you get into a town the local people in the pub have a warm friendship that makes you know that you can have company if you want it.

Robert – Love it, Leave it or Change it   (my new motto on life)

Cheers until next time.

Star trail at Basket Swamp

Oh, one more thing. There is a gentleman in our group who has written a blog all about me * blush * and he specifically wrote it in English so for those interested I have copied the link here. http://henkboezeman.waarbenjij.nu/Reisverslag/?Australi%EB/Augustine/&subdomain=henkboezeman&module=site&page=message&id=4084947

After giving everyone a telling off in the morning I was given flowers in the afternoon

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8 Responses to Time flies when you are having fun

  1. Murray says:

    Bravo Ozkimo, that link is hilarious! (and true 😛 )

  2. Julie says:

    Classic! Loved the blog about you!!

  3. Tania de Bruin says:

    Had a little bit of a chuckle reading that link, I’ve only ever seen the “fairly” quiet and demure Augustine, but I kinda figured there was something underneath haha

    btw… Agree with you on that motto!

  4. Ted Kahmann says:

    Many greeting to my brother Harm! It seems to be a tough sandy and heavy trip. Wauw Harm, you are a lucky one to join it. One life live it!! Ted

  5. Jane Cobbold says:

    Love it!!

  6. Robert says:

    Yeah, you can use the love it, leave it or change it ANYWHERE. Don’t change it ;>))

  7. Dougie says:

    Good blog Aug.

    You get yourself to Scotland thou and I’ll show more plenty of properly wild places to go camping!

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