From the outback to the ocean

There is something delicious about the smell of salt on the sea breezes after days of dust and dirt. We have arrived at the gorgeous seaside town of South West Rocks, New South Wales and after 4 days of camping I think the first thing each of us wanted was a long hot shower ๐Ÿ™‚

Wild flowers line the paths

Looking across the valleys in the New England National Park

Our last days of camping were precious for the group. We stayed last night at Thungutti Camping grounds in The New England National Park. It was divine. The forest was beautiful with tall trees and ferns on a high escarpment. As dusk settled so too did the clouds. We ended up in a fog filled world and this was when I chose to share a special piece of Australia. I had brought with me a copy of A.Banjo Patterson’s poem “The Man From Snowy River”. A brief explanation of the back story (as English is not the first language of the group) and I launched into a passionate rendition of the poem. I had them spellbound which was as much as I could have hoped and the response was that they all wanted a copy of the poem.

Tree ferns in the camp ground

Dave in the clouds

Robert driving through the flowering Jacarandas

Today brought us down out of the mountains through lush green farm land to this little village by the sea. Tomorrow will see three of the group go diving and the others are heading out to try to catch some deep sea fish. I will get to spend the day reading (yay for the R&R) and catching up on emails etc.

Farm lands surrounded by Jacarandas

Here’s hoping that the clouds depart and that everyone has a non-sea-sick day ๐Ÿ™‚

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5 Responses to From the outback to the ocean

  1. Robert says:

    Nice pic!!!!!!

  2. murray says:

    enjoying the scenery

  3. Dean says:

    โ€œThe Man From Snowy Riverโ€. perrrrrrfect….

  4. I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!

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