And the circle closes, but does not end

Sydney … after so many days of travel it seems strange to arrive back to the same hotel we left only 16 days ago and ironically just as we left in the drizzling rain, we arrived back the same way. Where 20 days ago a bunch of wide eyed Dutchmen (and women Anja) were asking “what words do I need to order a beer?” tonight in the bar they were quite comfortable ordering “10 schooners of new thanks mate”.

Spending a couple of days on the coast was a welcome break for most of us I think. Leo and Willem were pretty happy with the diving trip – grey nurse sharks at less than a meter. (Leo got a small surprise when his flipper was being ‘nibbled’ after he had just cruised over a 2m shark – it was one of the dive guides trying to get his attention :)). The ‘fishermen/women’ caught several ok sized fish but when the suggestion was made that we have a bbq and we could cook and eat them I drew the line – if you want to do that, go right ahead but I am going to have dinner as cooked by the pub restaurant. I believe the fish were left as a present/surprise for the next hotel resident.

Apparently New England in NSW is well named - it is as lush as any English countryside

Hitting the road we made it through to Singleton where again the accommodation issue became an issue. We managed to get the last 5 rooms in town (Dolly Parton was paying at one of the local vineyards) at ridiculous cost. Having asked at 6 pubs and 2 motels I was in that ‘if you have a room we will take it’ frame of mind. I think dinner, room and breakfast cost us more than 2 nights in Sydney!!!

The standard line up for fuel, although at a not-so-standard service station

Today we travelled the famed Putty Highway to the Blue Mountains. Each person we ran into asked where we were headed and when we said Sydney they would all look to the bikes and mutter “yeah, you’ll be going to do the Putty”. According to our intrepid fearless riders the Putty highway was a great ride and worth the time and effort of negotiating the endless curves. All of the signs would suggest it is popular with motorcyclists 🙂

Willem and Dave taking a break on the Putty

Advice for riders

So again we went to see the Blue Mountains and this time we caught a glimpse. Sadly the rains had again presented to ruin the true beauty of the red escarpments but I know that we all still really appreciated the view.

Blue Mountains

View from Govetts Leap

And then the nightmare truly begins … 1 4wd with trailer, using a google map on a phone, to get 9 motorbikes over the harbour bridge, through Sydney city and out to Maroubra. OMG!!! What an amazing feat of endurance on everyone’s behalf. Bottom line – WE MADE IT!!!!

L-R Back - Harm, Tinus, Edwin, Henk, Leo, Willem. Front - Anja, Robert, Dave

The trip is over and for my taste it has been a time to meet an incredible bunch of people and enjoy some of the best that Australia has to offer. So what now for this little blog?

Now we get the inside scoop, the little detail stories that filled each day with laughter and joy. I hope that you might choose to join me as I fill in the missing pieces.

Henk watching the wild life

Robert showing off his fashionable Shoei hairstyle (Shoei is a helmet brand with distinctive padding)


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  1. Tania de Bruin says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog about your travels, and will look forward to your humour and photographs as you continue to blog 🙂

  2. PeerK says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog en the beautiful pictures!

  3. Cool website ! I’ve just shared it on Facebook.

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