Parting is such sweet sorrow…? Too cliche?

Today did see the break up of our little ‘family’. Dave was first to go flying back to Brisbane prior to heading back out to the back of beyond for work, then Leo mounted up in the pouring rain and rode off to Queensland to visit his brother then it was my turn. It is always sad to say goodbye but I leave these people safe in the knowledge we will meet again (plans already afoot for a European adventure). As was whispered with each hug – “keep in touch with the Dutch”.

So where have the last few days gone? Well, once in Sydney it was back to the transport depot to tie all the bikes (except Leo’s, his comes later) onto their ramps ready to be put back into a container and shipped back to Holland. Each rider was careful about tying their straps as they didn’t want to accidentally knock off any dirt. Huh? you say? Why would they care about knocking off dirt?

Racks set and ready for loading

The dirt factor was massive on this trip. Before each bike was allowed into Australia they had to be very meticulously cleaned for our customs and quarantine so everyone started with a super clean machine. By the time we got to Noccundra there was nothing clean to be seen and everyone was beaming. Apparently the dirt levels demonstrated just what a fantastic time they were having. Sadly we encountered too much rain from South West Rocks to Sydney so a lot of the big clumps of dirt had dislodged but those small bits left clinging – absolute gold 🙂

That dirt in the rims - priceless!!!

Bikes loaded so we went shopping! R.M.Williams would have chuckled heartily to watch the frenzy of Akubra (without an ‘N’ Leo 😉 ), driza bone and moleskin buying (hats, jackets and pants for those not familiar with the terms). Tinus, Leo and Edwin could all pass for Aussie guys – sort of – heheh

Tinus in his Akubra and Drizabone - iphone pix

Then it was out to Kings Cross for a night on the town to celebrate a successful trip and Dave’s birthday. I should mention that his was not the only celebration we had on tour. Tinus and Anja celebrated their 30 something wedding anniversary and Anja had a birthday. I briefly had a go at the Dutch version of ‘happy birthday’ but it was close to a linguistic disaster so I will leave that for another time. Anja however was well spoilt with a lovely opal ring from Tinus 🙂

The love birds in the Blue Mountains after Anjas birthday

Anyway, as they say – what goes on tour stays on tour so I will leave this little story of Kings Cross with the words – “and a good night was had by all” 😉

Early in the evening - Kings X Hotel ($12 steaks!!!!) Image by Tinus

A typical round - iphone shot

Later in the night, heheheh - Image by Tinus - note, time stamp incorrect. Was closer to 1am than 8.30



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11 Responses to Parting is such sweet sorrow…? Too cliche?

  1. Judi says:

    Hi Augustine
    Have loved your stories and images!


  2. Robert says:

    Oops, we had tequilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Wim says:

    We only had 2 and a few hunderd beers, we had good fun.
    Cya luv;-)

  4. Dean says:

    Looks like the locals had as much fun as the visitors…

  5. tinus says:

    We had great fun on the evening ,and on the trip ,thanks gy’s and girls and mother “goose”, hahah .See you in holland next time ,mate
    greeting from Tinus and Anja from Bondi beach (internetcafe)

  6. Dougie says:

    Oh aye, a European trip you say?

  7. Tinus says:

    Everting is posibile,you never know
    Verering tinus

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