1 hour for every 1000

That would be one hour of cleaning for every 1000km of the tour (5,286km)! It took me 5 hours today to get the car looking the way my car normally looks (or the way I would like it to normally look :))

My sister was slightly dismissive of the cleaning time frame suggesting that the car didn’t look that dirty. My disbelief that she could suggest such a thing could mean that, just as my Dutch friends coveted the dirt on their bikes, I too have fallen prey to the “maximum dirt = offroad credibility” phenomenon. That said, it is a very satisfying feeling at the end of 5 hours of sweaty labour to step back and admire the gleaming silver of the paintwork and the dust free interior. Love that before and after feeling.



See Ursh, I told you it was dirty!!! Look at that red dirt. Hard to get off too.

I did find a couple of small surprises though. It seems that wheel arches are a prefect place to germinate if you are a burr (small annoying seed that sticks to clothes etc). Pix below 🙂


An unlikely flower pot - my wheel arches

I am finding it hard to adjust to my normal routine now that I am home. I feel a little guilty for not racing around getting something done. I have spent the last 4 weeks go, go, going from dawn til after dusk and now it feels quite decadent to finish my chores and pull up a spot on the couch long before dark. I am certain that I will get over these misplaced guilt feelings and adapt back into my casual approach to life.

In the mean time here are a few more shots from the trip…


Checking the shot - yes that is me (thank Anja for taking this oh so flattering photo)

Bearded Dragon

Desert woldflowers in bloom

Edwin and Dave glamming it up for Dane clothing shots

And one of my faves that I have put up as a header shot…

The lineup

Catch you next time when I will start spilling about those moments on tour when things go wrong… and not just for the others, for me as well 🙂



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10 Responses to 1 hour for every 1000

  1. Tracey says:

    You missed a spot! Lmao!

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Auggie, thats a nice fuckin’ clean car! ;>)) good job…..!
    (damn cold here in holland….)

    • Augustine says:

      Good to know you guys made it back in one piece. Hot and humid here in Brissie. Practically no rain as well just to make it steamier 🙂

  3. wim says:

    To bad, i would,ve kept the outside lookin like it did. But as always with anal huppeldepup…you had to wash it LOL

    My gf says : thnx for lookin after me.

    How was your spa?

  4. MUM says:

    Good Work Aug. With all that practice you may now start on our car. M&D

  5. Tinus says:

    Nice a……..haha (foto by Anja)

  6. JudiN says:

    Nice and clean! Now how long will it take to clean the camera gear??”)

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