Never enough time for photos

One of the things with this recent trip that surprised me was that there was never enough time… enough time to stop and take endless photos that is.

I knew that as the driver of the support vehicle that I would be expected to be close by when needed but I hadn’t counted on the motorbike riders being so much quicker than I was in the car. With constantly playing catch-up I quickly realised that my hopes of stopping along the way when I saw “photo op #1000” wasn’t going to happen. So, what do you do when faced with this dilemma?

Shoot out of the car windows…

Not always this lucky from the car window


or, grab a quick stop if you can…

Shacks in Lightning Ridge - a quick grab of 3 shots



Get a map!

I now have a whole range of places carefully marked on my various maps with little notes in the margins telling me what was where so that I can make my way back there to shoot to my hearts content.

I also usually carry a small notebook with me in my camera bag so that if I see something that looks promising I can make a note to come back at a later date. Especially seasonal shots. The “jacaranda farm” shot (below) would not have worked had I been 2 weeks later or earlier. Those trees only flower in November. Knowing a little bit about the scenery/flora/fauna of a region can certainly make a massive difference in the future planning and success of photographic expeditions.

Farm lands surrounded by Jacarandas


For me the trip was still a photographic pleasure but I am certainly looking forward to venturing out again, this time armed with the co-ordinates for what will surely end up as some great shots for the album 🙂

Inland bearded dragon

Prickly pear flowers


Oh yeah – and people keep asking me…. “where exactly did you go?” and when I list off the places I can see their eyes glaze over with look of “not sure where that is exactly” so…

I thought I would add a map. The red is the actual path we took and the yellow was the path we had hoped to take (darned rain :)) Hope this helps those who are not as familiar with the whereabouts of Tibooburra as myself, Dave and 8 Dutchmen (and women – Anja ;)).

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4 Responses to Never enough time for photos

  1. Ted Kahmann says:

    Thank you Augustine, it was great to receive your mails here in Holland. Now I can really talk about it with my brother!
    Send you happiness from rainy Holland!
    Ted Kahmann

    • Augustine says:

      It seems that good manners and true grace are part of the Kahmann family. It is my pleasure to share another perspective on Harms adventure. I’m so glad that Harm has such a warm and caring brother to talk about his journey. As you tell Harm – one life, live it!!!!

  2. Robert says:

    Yeah, it was cooooooooooooool auggie! I had fun ;>))
    Nice pics…

  3. MUM says:

    Almost looks better than a 70K liner.M & D

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