Some photo tips for Christmas Day…

So, it’s only a couple of sleeps ’til the big guy comes to visit and check on those who have been naughty and nice.

Christmas for many people is a time of family and getting together to share in good times and good cheer. I thought I would share a few little tips I have learnt for capturing the big day.

Snap the preparation…

The kitchen is a central hub in most homes and on Christmas Day it can often be the source of much laughter and certainly some awesome food. Take the time to snap a couple of shots of the preparation. Not all of them have to be serious “images” either. Sometimes it is nice to shoot the silly moments as well.

Prepping my favourite thing - whipped cream!!! Mmmm


The Matriarchs of the family fooling in the kitchen


Take the table…

Christmas decorating can travel from the tree to the table and this is a time when you can go a little crazy with table decorations and still be in good taste. Take a moment to take some shots of the table before everyone descends. Get a strong focal point and use it to anchor the image (in this case the angel) and think of different perspectives to add a little something different to your shot.

Shooting from above allowed me to get more of the table but nothing extra


Checking it twice…

Before you press the shutter check the corners and sides of your image. Are there distractions that will be a nuisance to you later. If so, can you move so that they are no longer in frame? Will going left, right, up or down make a better image than you currently have in your view. Think before you press 🙂 If all else fails cropping can often save an image.

Nothing I could do about the paintings but the chair ... wish I'd moved that...


So I removed the offending items and came away with a usable shot


Burst for gifts

The excitement of kids opening gifts is to me the real reason for gifts on Christmas morning. The expressions are so fleeting that trying to catch them in real speed is almost impossible (I know through missing them last year). To ensure I capture all the emotion this year I will be shooting in burst mode. Rapid fire photography gives you a far better chance of capturing that super special moment.

What happened next?? Need burst mode to find out


The most important thing though on Christmas Day….

At some point, put the camera down and join in the festivities. I always try to get one decent shot of the family and then that is it. The camera goes away and I can relax and count my blessings. (It also means that everyone else can relax without having a camera pointed in their faces every 2 seconds :))

The family having a giggle. This ended up as their fave shot of the day.


Many happy returns to all my friends who have taken the time to read this blog. I hope your Christmas is full of loving family, good cheer and the caring emails, texts and calls from friends.




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5 Responses to Some photo tips for Christmas Day…

  1. Nice read Augustine, hope you have a great Christmas and I look forward in catching up with you in the New Year 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanks David. Same back to you my friend

  3. Hey Auggie, love to read your blog. Have a happy christmas ans say hi to dave from me will ya? Cheers from holland.

  4. Tinus en Anja says:

    Late, but never to late have nice an happy happy christmas, and the best for the new year , greeting from Holland .

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