New Years Resolutions

So the end is nigh – well the end of 2011 that is. And as with all New Years Eves this one will be filled with resolutions, many of which could be broken by the end of the first week of 2012, although hopefully not.

This year though I have decided to focus on photography as part of my resolutions. Namely, I am going to embark upon a program of learning. Each month I plan on taking on a new photography project and actually set aside some time to practice what I have learned. The internet and various courses will provide me with the basic building blocks on which to build.

Several years ago I tried a similar idea and began a 365 project. The idea of a 365 is that each day you take a photo. As in, every day. Not just some days, but every single day. To stay motivated I joined an online group ( is a great place to find 365 groups) and we drew inspiration and encouragement from each other.

The awesome thing about these types of resolutions is that over the course of 1 year the changes that come from application and practice are so visible. I know with my 365 project the difference in my skills from day 1 to the last day was huge. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what I can learn over the next 12 months. Thinking I might start with a little post processing tuition. Definitely a lot to learn about photoshop 🙂

Day 20 of 365

Day 300 of 365 - for me a big improvement in knoweldge and execution

So what are your resolutions for 2012? Perhaps I should add that not all of my resolutions are photographic (hehe). There might also be something on the list about getting healthier, getting fitter and travelling more – a lot more. Of course I will have to have the camera with me when I travel 😉

No matter what your New Years resolutions may be I hope you have a safe and happy New Year and I look forward to catching you on the flip side in 2012!!!

Happy New Years 2012!!!!!

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4 Responses to New Years Resolutions

  1. Tania de Bruin says:

    Happy New Year Augustine 🙂 Here’s hoping not too many of those resolutions are forgotten haha

  2. Robert says:

    Hi, happy ny for you and Dave as well! If you start a 365…i’ll join….promiss!

  3. JudiN says:

    Hi Augustine and Happy New Year.
    Love your new years resolution idea! Also love your fireworks image. Alot if have seen have just been fireworks in the sky but I love the building you have included in yours.

    Am loving your blogs.

  4. MUM says:

    Have elevated you to your own File /Folder for NY Resolutions. Have fun always. MUM I remember the 1st 365 days. Surely that is the waiting for a cab person? dog? wolf? Great shot.

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