The start of a 52 weeks project

I had thought that the first week of my 52 week photographic project would involve learning some new technique in the post processing of my images but it turned out that I was offered an opportunity that I thought would lend itself to my 52. A friend called and asked me out on a photo date 🙂

Now while this may not seem like anything to write home about it can be quite an inspiring adventure. Most of my photography involves me and Dave on a location, me with my face buried in the view finder of my camera and Dave waiting patiently for me to finish. Having a photo buddy is a totally different kettle of fish.

So here are my top 5 reasons to shoot with a friend…

5. While partners and friends are usually patient about you faffing around with tripods and angles and settings, photo buddies are on the same page and are happy to spend as long as it takes to get that image.

1st stop - graffiti walls


4. It is fun to have someone to chat photography with. Dave tries to offer advice but he doesn’t even know how to turn my camera on ( and has no interest in learning how). Photo buddies speak the same language of ISO, shutter speed, light, shadow, angles etc etc etc

True paint can artistry


3. Often a photo buddy might know of a great place to shoot where you haven’t been before. You can pool location knowledge.

Shadows on a rusting car


2. If you are going somewhere slightly dodgy it is nice to know there is someone else there to add a safety factor. Two people are safer than one (generally).

Magpie on a water windmill


And my number 1 reason… It is fantastic at the end of a shoot to compare images and catch a glimpse of how another person “sees”. We both shot that same place yet we both turned out very different images. That is on one of my favourite things about photography.

You looking at me?


So at the end of my lovely photography day I would just like to say a big thank you to Kassy for the generous invitation to share a fun afternoon looking down the lens of a camera.

2 paint people and a photographer

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4 Responses to The start of a 52 weeks project

  1. Totally agree with your blog! I always try & get out with other photo buddies!

  2. Tania de Bruin says:

    I love my photography “dates”! Not only are they a great opportunity to learn from each other, but it’s always great for a chin wag and a walk (or hike depending on location haha)

  3. JudiN says:

    Great image at the top of our blog i.e the yellow flowers:) I agree I like to have photo dates and I always learn something new. This is one of the reasons I like to attend the getting to know you camera workshops with Bluedog. Great images of the graffitti!

  4. Leo says:

    I just Miss à Tiny little picture of dave on the background 😉

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