Through my eyes

There is something quite magical about the impact of photography on my life and the way I see the world.

A baby turtle we rescued from a bike path


I have noticed that my photography fanaticism has meant I am constantly evaluating the world in terms of how it would look through my view finder. It may sound slightly obsessive but for me it is something I really appreciate. Where I used to be fairly passive with my vision of the world now I am aware of tones and colours, lines that lead the eye from place to place, shape and form, patterns and textures. The subtlety of light and shadow can make my hand itch to grab a camera and shoot.

Bright red flowers catch the eye


Today Dave and I went for a simple wander through a small parkland just down the road from our home. Taking the camera makes it just that much more enjoyable for me. Instead of simply wandering aimlessly I find myself happily shooting for pleasure. While the shots are not always carefully considered (that takes more time than a simple park walk would warrant) I do usually come away with something I like.

The crow


Todays fave is the trees 🙂

Shooting up through the trees - processed with Lightroom 3 preset Direct Positive


Taking a camera and just wandering is a worthwhile way to spend a couple of afternoon hours. It helps to hone your vision as well as practice your skills. Highly recommend a private photo walk.

Another tree shot - processed with Lightroom3 preset B&W Look 4


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  1. Totally inspiring Augustine.

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