A trip to Texas – no, not that one, the other Texas!

I am very fortunate to have a dear friend who is a flying doctor. Now let me stop right here. For those not familiar with flying doctors let me give you a quick run down. Basically it is like this … Australia is really big, like as in really big and often there are not enough doctors for one to be based permanently in an area (or in this case there is not a “lady” doctor in the area). Because Australia believes that everyone should be entitled to decent health care, we the tax paying public (and a lot of generous donors) pay to have doctors flown in to ‘remote’ areas to provide their doctoring skills.

So anyway, back to the story… I have a friend who is a flying doctor and recently she herself was the subject of doctoring and as a consequence was laid up for a while. Now that she is back on her feet she is back in the air flying hither and thither, stethoscope in hand. Her bags can be a tad heavy though so she asked if I wanted to come along on one of her flights as her “bag carrier”. Naturally I leapt at the chance. 🙂

Camera in hand I made my way to her place and then on to one of the smaller airstrips on the outskirts of Brisbane. Now, it may come as a shock to many, especially those who know how much I LOVE to travel, but I am scared of flying. Not so much the big planes but the little ones are a propeller driven nightmare in my books. So of course, we are travelling on a 6 seater, twin prop tin can!!! Brave? Was I ever!! I didn’t scream at all when we bounced through the skies on a raft of turbulence. It is Murphy’s Law that this trip was the first for Doc Julie where instead of a glorious unfolding of the farming landscape below us, we had cloud, cloud and more cloud. Fortunately though I really like clouds.

The RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) charter plane to Texas


Texas, the town we visited is tiny (pop approx 700) and while Julie was busy doing her doctoring I took to the streets and raised a few eyebrows with my big camera that must take nice pictures.

Texas, Queensland


My surprise for the day was the Texas Regional Art Gallery with a showing of “compact prints”. The standard of art was incredible with offerings from as far afield as Italy and Iran alongside Australian artists. What a lovely way to spend half an hour.

Compact Prints at the Texas Regional Art Gallery


My day disappeared as all days do when armed with my camera and before I knew it I was back in the car and headed to the airstrip. While a day trip to Texas, Queensland may not strike many people as a fun thing to do, there is actually a lot to explore and the people are certainly friendly enough. I would highly recommend a jaunt to Texas anyday.

Playing with disused railway tracks


Outside the hospital was a gorgeous rose garden


Oh, and how do you know that you are regional??? Well that would be when the nurse that drops you at the plane has to drive up and down the airstrip to get rid of any kangaroos that might think of hopping in front of a plane as it is taking off 😉

Stay tuned for clouds…

Please note the "International"!!!


Car scaring the roos before takeoff – through the windscreen of the plane
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4 Responses to A trip to Texas – no, not that one, the other Texas!

  1. JudiN says:

    Hey Augustine we are visiting Texas at Easter – staying at the Stockman Hotel.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Great story Aug and as someone who goes out with the RFDS to get sick little babies from hospitals far and wide they do an awesome job of looking after the community.

  3. Leo says:

    Bin there…(did I ???). Yep

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