Inspiration is a strange thing. With so many different aspects to our lives, inspiration can come in many different forms and apply to many different things. For example, we are renovating our house so inspiration for a fencing option may just come from a drive around the neighbourhood or with my photography I often get inspiration from courses that I take.

Travel for me is a fundamentally important aspect of our life so I am always seeking new and exciting events and destinations. I keep a random list of places that I would like to visit on my phone so that if I find a new place to add I can do so immediately, knowing that the list is all in one place (I am a shocker for random pieces of paper that somehow get lost in the madness of our home-office).

The inspiration for new places can be found in a million different places. Tv travel shows are a travel-list-maker’s delight, as are animal/nature docos or any doco for that matter. The experiences of friends is always a catalyst for adding destinations to the list or it can be as simple as the photo that google has on my home page (a randomly selected travel image).

Then there are special things that we stumble across that take a place from the “wish” list to the “bucket” list (the I must do this/go there).

Here are three things that have inspired bucket listing status on my lists. I hope you enjoy them and that they touch you as they touched me.



Dead Vlei in Nambia


What’s on your bucket list?

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4 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Where was that first video shot Augustine? That was way cool!

  2. Ireland on the River Shannon. Stunning isn;t it?! I just love it – could watch it over and over and never get bored.

  3. Kelly Morgan says:

    Wow – those birds are incredible! Nature is amazing all on its own.
    I’ve always loved Dr Seuss and “Oh the places you’ll go” has such important messages for children and adults alike – that video is a must watch! Great topic Augustine, thanks for sharing the inspiration around.

  4. Tinus stroosma says:

    I thinking mine bucket list is longer……………


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