Long time between drinks?


Paris from Sacre Coeur

Paris from Sacre Coeur

I realise it has been a while (as we say in Australia – “a long time between drinks”) and in that time I have debated long and hard about the relevance of this blog and have finally decided that I like blogging and that it is a worthwhile time spend. So I wanted to start somewhere fresh and thought the best place to begin was with something old. The photo featured above is one of my faves from Europe. Yes, I definitely have images of better photographic expertise but this photo is how I felt about Paris.

Two friends joined us for a trip through Europe and last minute plans had us staying 104 stairs up in a hotel on the city fringe (no lifts – can you tell – 104 stairs up and down – bathroom 32 stairs away heheheh). While out sightseeing I somehow got turned around while trying to find the catacombs of Sacre Coeur and instead of going down I ended up going up and up and up and up…… (did I mention that I don’t do heights). By the time I got to the top I was shaking like a leaf but the view was mind blowing and really showed Paris to it’s best. I rested my shaking point and shoot camera against the parapet and clicked and this is what I got. For me it shows the chaos and beauty of Paris all in one shot. From ground level it all looks the same and from the air it looked so symmetrical. I loved Paris and it is definitely one of the places I have been to that I want to return to now that I have learned more photographically. That for me is the great thing about photography – it provides the reason to return, to reshoot a scene now that I know more (as if I need a reason).

So I guess this post is about 2 things – the camera you have is the best camera you could want on the day and that you can always go back 🙂

Catch you a lot sooner than last time.

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3 Responses to Long time between drinks?

  1. Judi Neumann says:

    Hey Augustine
    I did wonder where you had wondered to. It is great to see you back. I am going to Paris in March next year so have found your image very inspiring. As you say the best camera you have is the one you have on you at the time.
    Thanks for posting again.

  2. Robert says:

    Hey Augie, welcome back. Magnificant shot..

  3. Dougie says:

    Good to have you back Aug! Nice post too. I thought for a second that you’d come to Europe without telling me, I was getting ready to be miffed!

    Will be sure to check in for the next post soon.

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