Well, hello there!

Hi there folks. For all of those that thought to themselves “hmmm, she must have decided not to keep the blog going” you were kinda half right.

After much deliberation I have decided that this blog is best served as a travel type of affair. My main focus in here is definitely photographic and in all reality I am not the sort of person who races out every chance I get to take photos. I am more the “heading off somewhere interesting so will take the camera” kind of photographer. More into travel you might say. I guess that also means that I am more into blogging about interesting things that capture my imagination than trying to come up with a vaguely interesting topic just for the sake of having something to blog about.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that at the moment I am about to go blog crazy again for a little while. I am off on another adventure.

A friend of mine went to New Zealand last year and did a photography workshop and came home raving about it so I have decided to be a little self-indulgent (ok, a lot) and fly to NZ for 8 days just to play photographer and learn something new.

I am a firm believer that courses are a great way to get the creative juices flowing and learning new things can certainly spur a burst of enthusiasm like few other things. For those interested the workshop is in Queenstown and the focus is on the autumnal change, something we don’t really see much of here in south-east Queensland. QCCP Autumn Colours Workshop.

I am so excited! It feels like an age since I have been away and this time I am on my own (no Dave) and doing something that I love.I am so looking forward to sharing this experience and the images that I make with you so I hope you will hang in there and come with me to the gorgeous Otago region of southern New Zealand.


Nudgee Dawn                                  ISO100  F11 1.0sec 45mm

This is a shot that I took a few months ago at a local “beach” that shows a little of what I am hoping to bring home from NZ. It also is one of the 5 images I have chosen to have critiqued by the instructors at the workshop. Should be interesting to hear what they have to say.

I’ll post again before I leave next week to keep you updated as the excitement builds.

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6 Responses to Well, hello there!

  1. Robert says:

    Good! Welcome back Augustine!!

  2. No Harm says:

    Same time we are with T2E in SA & Namibia. Pilot.
    Go for the pictures.
    Stay hungry, stay foolish !

  3. Murray says:

    100% jealous.
    Are you hiring/borrowing lenses?

  4. Augustine says:

    Thanks guys 🙂
    Murray – nope just taking my 28-300mm and the nifty 50mm F1.8. Figure they should cover what I need.

  5. MUM says:

    Learn lots, have fun , but stay safe.

  6. Judi Neumann says:

    Hi Augustine
    Glad to hear from you again 🙂 I am currently in Europe – mainly Belgium, Holland, Germany and France and am having a fabulous time. I have been to NZ and it is an amazing place. I look forward to seeing your images and hearing about your workshop. Have fun.


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