Reds, Golds, Greens of Autumn

I had my fingers crossed that when I came to Queenstown to do an “autumnal Colours” workshop that the trees would be turning but yesterday I was blown away.

Gold and Green in Valley

Gold and Green in Skippers                               ISO1600, F9.0, 1/80sec

The trip to Skippers Canyon just outside Queenstown was a blaze of colour in a landscape carved by water in to deep ravines and spectacular escarpments.Mike and Jackie who are the teaching gurus this photographic journey are patient and visionary. I had expected to learn a few new tricks but their technique is like nothing I have used before and the results are simply awesome.

A panning experiment out of the car window

Panning for Gold                         ISO500, F9.0, 1/6sec

It is reasons like this that I so enjoy incorporating a photographic workshop into a holiday. Skippers Canyon is not accessible in a hire car (stated as a journey with no insurance) so traveling on my own I would miss places like this. And having tutors along to guide me in better using my camera as a tool to create my own vision is so much fun.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings                      ISO100, F9.0, 1/10sec

Last light

Last light                    ISO100, F9.0, 1/20sec


The Remarkables

The truly Remarkables                        ISO100, F9.0, 1/13sec

My batteries are all recharged and I am ready to learn afresh. Looking forward to another great day!

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One Response to Reds, Golds, Greens of Autumn

  1. Dougie says:

    Some stunning photographs Augustine! Sounds like it’s been a brilliant trip so far, keep the updates coming. Love the motion blur image in this shot in particular.

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