There must be something in the water

I have been to a lot of places and I would have to say that Kiwi’s (New Zealand locals) must be about the friendliest bunch around!

In a space of 2 days I have been taken deer shooting by a Queenstown local I met while I was out taking some photographs and invited in to a sheep farmers station to take some photos of an old cob (farm building) and shearing shed!

My deer shooting mate Trevor (name changed to protect the innocent) was a lovely bloke who took me to his secret spot and showed me how to look for signs of deer and to judge how big they were by the size of the hoof print and how far apart they were. All of this and a lovely cup of tea from his camping van. Just for the record – I ended up leaving him to it as he found some super fresh stag prints and I knew I would just hold him back, I caught up with him the next day and he didn’t get any deer although was going out again, and for those greenies currently cringing this gent shoots to eat, not for sport.

Just near Trevors' secret deer spot

A taste of the NZ bush                   ISO100, F2.2, 1/5sec

The farmer was a lucky find as he was in the midst of shearing (a tale for tomorrow) and when I stopped for a look and a chat he saw the camera and the next thing… “yeah my place is just down the end of the road and there are some old buildings there if you want to go and have a look to take some photos”. It was amazing. The cob was originally a rabbiters hut built of stone and meant to last and the shearing shed was untouched from the last shearing – right down to the loose wool still left on the floor. Gotta say – a photographers paradise.

The old rabbiters cob  ISO100 F9.0 1/5sec

The old rabbiters cob             ISO100, F9.0, 1/5sec

The old wooshed    ISO100, F10, 1.8sec

The old wool shed                   ISO100, F10, 1.8sec


Inside the wool shed   ISO100, F9.0, 1.6sec

Inside the wool shed                                  ISO100, F9.0, 1.6sec

Gathering dust   ISO100, F9.0, 2.5sec

Gathering dust                       ISO100, F9.0, 2.5sec

What generous people! Such a pleasure to meet people who do not view a camera wielding me as some sort of threat or a person of suspicion. Definitely going to miss the New Zealand generosity of spirit when I leave.

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3 Responses to There must be something in the water

  1. Augustine says:

    Made a couple of alterations regarding some of the images I had posted. Nothing major 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    learning so much from your settings….good stuff!

  3. MUM Great to hear you getting in the groove so quickly. Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow. Love M & D. says:

    Don’t think I want to call our house The Cob. Have seen a few shearing sheds Love Mum

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