A night on the town

On my last night in Queenstown I decided to take the camera out for a few drinks, to put it through it’s paces in a different environment. It turns out not only can I take photos during the day with gorgeous scenery and delicious lighting, I can also manage to snap a few shots in less than optimal conditions with some pretty pleasing results.

Making my vodkatini ISO4000, F1.8, 1/60sec

Making my vodkatini                 ISO4000, F1.8, 1/60sec

I went to a bar called Bardeaux in the heart of town. For me the appeal initially was a roaring fire but the whole tone of the place was mellow sophistication which I rather liked for a pre-dinner cocktail.

I asked Jacqueline behind the bar if she would mind if I took a few photos and was having a great time when a group of business men came in and started ordering shots by the dozen. For me it meant a whole new range of images that accentuated the lineup of glasses.

Set 'em up ISO4000, F1.8, 1/60sec

Set ’em up                       ISO4000, F1.8, 1/60sec

Stepping outside I caught a conversation between father and son and really liked the emotion that this moment had.

Father and Son ISO400, F1.8, 1/125sec

Father and Son                  ISO400, F1.8, 1/125sec

Overall as a non-people photographer in what has always been an environment I would never even attempt to photograph I have to say, I was pretty happy with the results. Might even take my camera out for a second date if I knew things would go this well every time.

Final shot for Jacqueline set up for the lighting ISO4000, F1.8, 1/30sec

Final shot for Jacqueline set up for the lighting          ISO4000, F1.8, 1/30sec

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