Swell Festival – Gold Coast

Every year for the past 11 years the sleepy beach suburb of Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast undergoes an inspirational transition from surf and sand to sculpture and spectator. The annual “Swell Sculpture Festival” is a fantastic exhibition that takes advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and the stunning backdrop of Currumbin Beach for a 10 day blast each September.


I have been each year for the last 3 and Swell never disappoints for both amazing artworks and the often inspirational minds behind the installations. Like many art exhibits there is always a selection of pieces that I just plain don’t get and there are pieces where I look at it and wonder where the high pricetag comes from but that is half of the fun. There are program booklets that fill in the backstory for each piece and the expected price. (Dave and I have fun playing ‘guess that price’).


For me one of the big draw cards with Swell is trying to photograph the installations (34 this year) in an interesting manner that is pleasing to the eye. Sometimes I hit and of course oftentimes I miss but I have a terrific time rolling in the sand and snapping away looking for the best angles. Often a fave shot for the day will come not from the art pieces but from the beauty of the beachside setting as has happened this year.


So, I thought I would include a selection of favourite shots from this years Swell Sculpture Festival and from the last couple of years as well. The great thing about Swell – it has something for everyone and is well worth the trip down to the coast to check it out.


Flying Fish from this years Swell. Loved the movement of the fish kites in the super twisty winds which you don’t kinda get in this shot but I am thinking of heading back for a reshoot 🙂


This one was 2011, an entire forest of discs stuck in the sand on long flexy poles and lit from beneath with led lights. Fabulous in the pre-dawn.

This one was 2012 one of 3 figures laying along the top of a fence post.

(I just loved this installation and wanted to buy it but Dave said no, apparently we didn’t need 3 red shiny fence-sitting cat things, who would have thought 😉 )

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  1. MOTHER says:

    Great shots. Love the fish. Mum

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