Riverfire is a once a year fireworks event that comes to Brisbane each September. One would think that knowing it was coming that I would have given a bit of thought towards my photographic gear prior to the big night, but this year that seems to have been missed in the excitement and planning stages.

The fireworks start at 7pm and we live 5 mins from our chosen photography spot at the Camp Hill Bowls Club. We had decided to head out from home at about 6.30ish to have plenty of time to pick a good spot and set up so I decided to check my gear at 6pm. Hmmm, bad idea.

Turns out my cable release (the wires and switch that attaches to the camera so that I can take a photo without any jiggle) was out of service. One of the wires had broken literally in half. Thankfully it seems that I am quite the electrician in a crisis and armed with only a knife and tweezers I managed to splice the wires and get it all working – YAY!!!!!

And that was great until we pulled up, camera in hand and ready to wander into the bowls club to take some photos and my tripod (another anti-jiggle item) wasn’t in the boot of the car where I thought it was. EPIC FAIL!!!!

Thankfully a quick bolt home and a tripod grab got us back to the bowls club with 5 mins to spare before the spectacular fireworks started! Positioning the tripod at maximum height extension to get over the heads of those in front and getting my camera settings sorted meant that I could stand there with my finger on the button and clicking away while still watching the view.

Below are a collection of my favourite shots from the night. Enjoy 🙂

(Click on any of these photos to see them larger on a dark background)


And my fave for the night….



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3 Responses to Fireworks

  1. Mr Whelan says:

    Pretty bloody awesome stuff mate. They really deserve to be sold.

  2. Augustine says:

    Dean – if you know
    someone who wants some epic fireworks photos do let them know. Happy to make a sale 😉

  3. MOTHER says:

    Not bad but I want to be there. We watched on the telly. Mum

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