Ice hockey without the ice – Queensland style.

As summer approaches here in Queensland the temperatures are starting to warm up (today we are sitting on a rather warm 32°C and yesterday was no cooler). Even in winter our temps stay in the milder range with frosts here in Brisbane a rarity and ice and snow totally out of the question. That does not mean that people can’t play winter sports, they just need a little out of the box thinking and ice hockey has been modified to make it playable in our warmer weather. Take away the ice and add a pair of inline skates and our Canadian Aussie family (Dean) is a happy man.

Having grown up in Canada playing ice hockey when Dean joined the family and emigrated here to Aus and discovered inline hockey he took to it like a duck to water. And frankly – he’s pretty darned good at it as well. As a member of the Australian World Masters Cup team he was in France this year and heads overseas to play on a regular basis.

The last 10 days have seen Australia’s best playing in the Inline Hockey National Championships with Queensland achieving the finals in all 13 classes. Deans team of veterans (39-50yo) made short work of their Tassie rivals but not without a hard fast game. For those that have never watched hockey (either inline or ice) it is a hard fast game with 4 attackers and a goalie working together to get the points on the board. The puck flies across the tiles and frequently through the air as well, while from behind the protective netting spectators yell and scream encouragement for their favourite teams. It was a fast paced and exhilarating afternoon with Queensland taking out the points in all five finals that we watched. I am pleased and proud to announce that in the Veterans game our Dean scored 3 of the final 4 goals to have Queensland take the gold (Yay Dean!!!!! 🙂 )

Photographically it was a great afternoon where I got to push my gear to get the shots I wanted (fast shutter speeds to freeze the action can be a bit tricky to get when inside a sporting venue – high ISO and wide open apertures are the answer for those interested).

I hope you enjoy the shots I took of Dean (number 4 in the gold and maroon jersey and the white helmet) and the Queensland team making us all proud 🙂

Don’t forget – click on the image to see it larger on a black background.







AUG_2182-Edit AUG_2228-Edit

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4 Responses to Ice hockey without the ice – Queensland style.

  1. Maureen says:

    What did you think

  2. Hope says:

    great shots!
    you really captured the action:)
    hope that you had fun!

  3. MOTHER says:

    Looks like fun ?????? and guess what ? you don’t even get wet when you take a dive.

  4. Judi Neumann says:

    I have friend who play this in Canberra 🙂

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