I am now an internationally awarded photographer!

Yes, that’s right …. an “internationally awarded photographer”!!!

Ok so perhaps I am stretching it a bit further than it deserves but it is technically true 😉

In September I went down to Ballarat to take a workshop with Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken (the same awesome photography teachers I saw in NZ). In our group there were 18 other photographers who had travelled from all over Australia and New Zealand to participate and frankly some of the credentials were slightly intimidating. There were university lecturers, professional commercial photographers, some guy that travels from the Arctic to the Antarctic just taking photos and teaching, and many others of great skill and talent. And then there was me, an amateur with great passion and some knowledge but personally uncertain of the talent part.

As part of the workshop we had to present 5 recent images to the group to demonstrate our photography. I chose a random selection of images that I liked and waited to see what would be said. I was frankly gobsmacked. Universally the images were well received with a couple of them even getting rave reviews (Mike even commented that he wished one of the photos was his – high praise indeed). I came away feeling that my photos had the potential to hold their own in any arena.

On the back of that feeling I took a good hard look at my photographs and decided that perhaps there were a couple in the collection that were good enough to enter into an international competition so in October I entered the International Loupe Awards. There are 2 levels to the awards, amateur and open and the prizes definitely reflected the difference. I figured if I was going to enter then I was entering to win and I wanted the BIG winnings ($25K for the overall winner heheh) so I entered into the open class in the landscape category. As the saying goes “I pays my money and I takes my chances”.

I entered 3 images and waited with fingers crossed.

And …. I got an award!!!! Actually that’s not true – I got 2 awards!!!! I have heard back about 2 of the 3 entries and for both of them I got a bronze award. Yep – pretty darned excited I can tell you!!! Last year there were 4800+ entrants so from my point of view to get any award was quite a feat. I am very proud of my accomplishments and now I can truly state that I am an internationally awarded photographer (tongue firmly planted in cheek 😉 )

So, below are my 2 bronze images (you have seen them before no doubt). I just wanted to share the joy I feel and the message that having a little faith can pay off 🙂
Still waiting to hear back about my 3rd entry but have my fingers crossed like crazy that it might do even better and get me “in the money” hehehe (the success has gone to my head)

Loupe Awards Bronze, International Loupe AwardsPanning for Gold

Loupe Awards Bronze, International Loupe AwardsFire

Loupe Awards Bronze, International Loupe Awards

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7 Responses to I am now an internationally awarded photographer!

  1. Tracey Hurn says:

    OMG! Maybe you haven’t heard yet because….. it might have won? Do they let you know once its been judged that you didn’t place? Oh wait, you wouldn’t know.
    Totally and utterly proud of your determination!

    • Augustine says:

      Thank you for your excitement 🙂 Yes, they will tell me, but still not heard. I’ll share the news when I get it 😉

  2. althea smith says:

    Congratulations Augustine! What a great outcome! I have thought you are exceptional, and now it’s confirmed!!

  3. Kassy Solomon says:

    Congratulations Augustine, when I first read this I was stunned to read that you consider yourself an amateur with great passion. In my eyes for a long time you have been much more. I am proud and glad that you have got the recognition that you truly deserve.

  4. Liz says:

    Dear Augustine, congratulations! Am so happy for you. Those images are spectacular. What an accolade! You go girl!

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