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Sooooo….. over the last few weeks I have sold all of my old camera gear and bought myself a new toy 🙂

After much umming and ahhing and oooohing I have settled on an Olympus OMD EM-1 mirrorless camera. That’s great say the non-camera enthusiasts – but what does that mean? It basically means that instead of carrying around a camera that weighed 2.2kg I now have a handbag sized camera that weighs 740 grams and for a slacker like me that is a massive advantage. It is much smaller and compact and so far I am loving using it. For me one of the great things about this little baby is that it is pretty much waterproof (not diving but rain proof), dust proof and does cold really well. It also take full HD video (hopefully I can upload movies in here 🙂 )

I must admit that having only had it a few days I have not really had a chance to try out everything but I am definitely feeling the love when I have used it. If nothing else, it has gone with me everywhere, just tossed (carefully) in the handbag. Can’t take piccys if you don’t have a camera 😉

So while the shots below are not exactly award winners I thought I might share a couple from the last few days. The one of the flowers was done completely in camera – no messing about in photoshop or anything. I can feel some fun to come when we hit the road and start to travel.

Olympus OM-D EM-1




Yay for the new toy!!!!



Part of travel is sorting visas. Once we have decided where we are going to go I usually do a quick google search for “country name visa”. This will usually take me to the country of choice’s page with immigration information. I checked for Sri Lanka and I was surprised to read that they do not issue visas at the border, only online. I was pleased I had checked this as normally Dave and I just arrive and get the visa at the arrival airport. This was a totally new thing for me. The other thing was that they only issue 30 day visas and we wanted to go for 60 days +/- so I checked further and they do have special longer visas for 90 days. We could have gotten the 30 day online and extended it in Colombo but decided it was probably easier to get it here. I called the number provided on the website and sure enough, by applying here we could ask for the longer visa straight off saving ourselves the hassle of visa extensions. Job done.

With India, they issue 6 month visas as a matter of course and there are no extensions allowed (for us this would mean that if we decided we wanted to stay longer we will have to leave the country and then re-enter on a new 6 month visa). We can pick our visa up at the border when we arrive at the airport or get one in Sri Lanka before we leave. Which way we go will depend on how we feel about hanging in Colombo for the time it takes to get the visa. I suspect that we will just get it upon arrival.

A simple google search saved us time and potential embarrassment at the Colombo airport. Well worth the effort and just a part of preparing for a trip. More tips next time 🙂

Happy trails 🙂 Oh and Happy Australia Day 😉

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