The reality of leaving

I thought I might add a bit of a different type of blog this time round and talk about my reality of leaving for the “great adventure”.

This trip is something we have been talking about for well over a year. We had hoped to take off last year in February but got caught up with some sideplans that meant we had to postpone our departure so to have it now just around the corner (as in this time next week we’ll be flying out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and headed to Colombo, Sri Lanka) is a sudden bang of reality. When you’ve been talking and dreaming about leaving for so long it is actually quite a shock to suddenly be going.

The last month or so has been a blur. There are so many things to get organised before you leave a place with no return date in mind. Once we worked out what we were doing with all of our stuff (big thanks to friends and family who are looking after bits and bobs for us 😉 ) it comes down to the really hard work.

There are vaccines to consider, medications to sort. Every piece of paper that arrives in the mail either has to be stopped or redirected. All of the banking had to be sorted so that the banks don’t cancel our cards while we are overseas. Drivers licences to be renewed, vehicle registrations to be adjusted, insurances to be paid and/or redirected. Belongings properly packed and moved. Real estate agents to deal with and all things that go with moving house to nowhere in particular. Then there is all the legal stuff.

Power of attorney, wills, ensuring other people can make phone calls to companies on our behalf and not be told “you are not the account holder so we cannot discuss this with you”. The list feels endless. But…. I am getting there. It is one of those things where I’ll be in the middle of a conversation with someone and something will trigger a thought – oh bugger, I’ll need to have signed transfer papers for the car to make sure it can be sold in our absence (just in case we need a cash injection hehehe). And the list just keeps getting longer.

The reality really struck home for me on Saturday when I had my final day of work. I had been so looking forward to finishing up. I knew I would be sad to leave my friends and colleagues but I was excited about closing that book and getting ready for the next bit.. But I have to say – the reality was quite a surprise. I actually had a moment of “Oh My Goodness – This Is Real!!!!”. Somehow all the packing, moving and planning, all the needles and the visas weren’t ‘real’ until I walked out of work for the last time. The hugeness of what we are about to try came rushing in and I had to catch my breath.

Then I mentally slapped myself upside the head and did a little happy dance. 🙂

With less than a week to go I can honestly say that I am only now starting to get excited. I know that my lists will keep being written right up until we hop on the plane on Friday morning but from that moment on it is all just pure adventure and I say BRING IT ON!!!!!

So, apart from a moment chatting with a mate where I expressed concern that I had “forgotten how to travel” (we both had a good laugh over that one 😉 ) I think I am good to go. And gotta say – looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Note: There is one aspect I have not covered here, and that is the goodbyes. Leaving friends and family is the only thing about a trip like this that basically sucks. I know that there won’t be a day goes by when I won’t think of home and wonder what people are doing. All of the people we love know that we love them and I think that is the best that we can do.


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3 Responses to The reality of leaving

  1. Phil says:

    Good luck Aug and Dave
    Will keep an eye on your whereabouts as might be able to catch up some place. We will be in Europe later this year.
    Take care and have fun.
    Phil and Cate.

  2. althea smith says:

    Bon Voyage! Gute Reise! and all the other salutations.

    What a wonderful undertaking! You’ll come back [eventually???] with so many memories.

    Looking forward to reading your adventures – affectionately, Althea

  3. Augustine says:

    Thanks for good wishes. One sleep left 😉

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