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India? Yep – still loving it

I wasn’t sure if that first flush of excitement would wear off and my India love come crashing down but so far so good. Still enjoying it. We stayed in Fort Kochi for a few days to get our bearings … Continue reading

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When I first began traveling about 15 years ago I had a list of places to visit… the lost cities of the Inca in South America, Antarctica, the pyramids of Egypt. The sort of list we all have at some … Continue reading


Sri Lanka at a glance – the weird and wonderful

This country has surely been an interesting start to our journey. While often it has not been as we expected, it is a land of small surprises. To finish Sri Lanka I thought I would share a few quirks that … Continue reading


Northern Sri Lanka – another world

As a change of pace we decided to go up to the north of the island to see how ‘different’ it was. Everything we had read told us that it was nothing like the rest of Sri Lanka due to … Continue reading

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The Bodhi Tree

A long, long time ago there was a man. His name was Siddhārtha Gautama. He was a young prince born in the mountains of the Himalayas who lived a life far removed from his subjects, ensconced in his fathers palace. … Continue reading


Finally some culture

Sri Lanka for us has proven to be a strange place for culture. This country has a history stretching back thousands of years, yet it can seem a little soulless. Don’t get me wrong – the people are lovely and … Continue reading


So, do we like Sri Lanka?

So, we have been traveling for about 3 weeks in Sri Lanka and feel like we have finally managed to get bit of a feel for it and find the fun bits, the quirks and the annoyances. When we first … Continue reading


Arugam Bay – pure heaven

The world is full of amazing sights, tastes and experiences however every now and then as a traveler you stumble across something that is truly unique and special. Over the last few days we have been in a place that … Continue reading