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Sacred Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most holy cities in India and was right up there on my must see list. It is a city of ancient histories and traditions and mostly for me as a tourist and photographer it is … Continue reading


The ride from hell

Having our own wheels has proven to be a brand new way of experiencing India – much as we hoped it would be. Murphys Law being what it is we left Delhi in the rain! Not sure when they had … Continue reading


The Taj

When I was at school I learnt about the Taj Mahal. It was a building in India that was built by a King for the love of his lost wife. She died and he built a fantastic mausoleum in memory … Continue reading


Have you been getting the blog?

It seems that I have had a slight blip in my subscribe system and a few people have not been getting the blog through their emails. If you are one of the lucky ones that has been then you can … Continue reading


We bought an Enfield!!!!

We bought an Enfield!! That’s great I hear the crowds saying, with a background murmur of “and just what is an Enfield? Some new camera for Augustine? What. Is. An. Enfield?” Actually it is a Royal Enfield and a Royal … Continue reading


Delhi in ruins

I tend to think of myself as someone who knows a little bit about a couple of things, a person who can put 2 and 2 together to get a pretty good answer, yet somehow I had kinda missed the … Continue reading

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Staying in the belly of Delhi

When last I posted about India I said that we were in the south in a beachside town called Varkala and that we expected to be there a good while longer. Well, like many plans ours changed. Varkala was indeed … Continue reading


I met a man in Sri Lanka / The best things I packed

I decided to go a little left field with this post and tell you a tale of a man I met. When I say I, I mean we of course. Dave and I travel as a team so really it … Continue reading