I met a man in Sri Lanka / The best things I packed

I decided to go a little left field with this post and tell you a tale of a man I met. When I say I, I mean we of course. Dave and I travel as a team so really it is a man we met. And when I say met, well….

We were in Matara in the south of Sri Lanka on the trusty scooter checking out the fishing boats and chatting with the locals. They were keen to explain to us that the boats we were looking at were the same ones that people climbed aboard to head for Australia and freedom. Dave was checking out the various features of the fishing boats in general as they were such a big part of his working life for so long. Busily explaining what the different parts did and so forth. I was snapping a few photos for the ‘album’ and generally enjoying the day.

We had seen enough so decided to head back to land where further sights and investigations awaited us. As we were headed along the groyne a man with a big fish waved us down. We were both pretty interested and chatted asking had he caught it himself, from where, with what etc. He was grinning from ear to ear. Then he pointed at me and said – you take my picture. I figured ok and fully expected that I was going to have to pay for the privilege.

How wrong I was!! This lovely excited man wanted me to take his photo with his fish not so that he could ask me for money, but so that he could get me to send him a copy! He was so proud of his catch that he wanted it printed for the wall!

Now ordinarily this would not be that big a deal however I had no idea where to even go to get a print (and while that sounds illogical to a westerner, in Sri Lanka a simple thing like a print lab of any kind can be hard to find) and I needed an address. And this was where it got really entertaining. You see Mr Gundawarena did not write English (not sure that he wrote at all) and did not really even speak English so the address was taken down totally phonetically. Sri Lankan people speak really fast so thankfully he slowed right down for me but in the end I was not sure that we did real well.

That said, I found a print shop. I paid $2 for a 8x10inch print, less than $1 for postage and sent it off. I will never know if that photo made it to him or not but as an experience it was one of the precious ones for me. 🙂


The story doesn’t finish here. Please click through to find out what happened next 🙂


The Best Things I Packed

So before I left home I had a basic inventory in my head of all of the things that I might need while I was away, especially for electronic gear. Then I got to talking to a girlfriend one Friday evening over a few quiet beverages and she was telling me about this power board that her son had gotten whereby you could plug in not only power sockets but also USB cords to charge. I considered the electronic cable nightmare that now travels with us and decided this had to come. Thankfully I didn’t need an entire power board because now they make these versatile and compact double adapter sized plug that will take 2 power cords and 1 USB meaning that I can charge up to 4 things at once (assuming that I run another charging item through the computer). It is awesome!!!


20140403_081450The other great thing is of course the adapter. It used to be that we had about 4 different adapters, 1 for every other part of the world it seemed. Now though they have come up with 1 adapter that has multiple adjustable configurations so we only need 1 plug!!! Happy days.

There are of course a couple of things that I wish I had thought to check before leaving home and I will add these here as well…

Any bottles of consumables eg: sunscreen, mossie repellent etc – make sure they are full (yes – took 2 half empty bottles heheh)

If you use things like hair ties, bobby pins, combs or barrettes – bring plenty of them. You would think you could buy them anywhere, not so.

They are the main things that I can think of at the moment 🙂 If I think of more I will add them into further blogs. In the mean time – hope you guys are all doing well and thanks for your continued support. Cheers again from India 🙂


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5 Responses to I met a man in Sri Lanka / The best things I packed

  1. Tracey Hurn says:

    And so I say nah nah nee nah nah to doubtful Dave regarding his pfffffft at the whole idea of a powerboard. Happy wife….
    Oh and that was a brilliant story about the man with his fish 🙂

  2. Tracey Hurn says:

    p.s I totally see you smiling your head off when your charging 4 things at once, thinking… “how good is it?”

  3. Sam Hudson says:

    Great thing, the double adaptor with USB. Going to the UK shortly and this will come in very handy. Any suggestions of where to buy it? Can’t find anything online so far. Thanks.

    • Augustine says:

      Hi Sam,
      We picked this one up in Malaysia so not much help there I’m sorry, but I did a quick search and if you use the words “travel universal adaptor surge protector” in google it will bring up a heap of online purchase options (including ebay). Hope that helps 🙂 Enjoy your UK trip!

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