Have you been getting the blog?

It seems that I have had a slight blip in my subscribe system and a few people have not been getting the blog through their emails. If you are one of the lucky ones that has been then you can go straight to the pretty picky at the end and disregard this message 🙂

If however you are like many and the last blog you got was back in March – something entitled India!!!! and nothing since, well frankly you’ve been missing out 😉

To make it easier I will list and link each of the missed blogs here and you can either read them from here or move from one to the next as you are reading.

India? Yep – still loving it

I met a man in Sri Lanka  /  The best things I packed

Staying in the belly of Delhi

Delhi in Ruins

We bought an Enfield!!!

And that will bring you up to date. I apologise for not getting on to this sooner but no one mentioned that they were not getting the blog until Dave piped up last week. I tried a couple of small tweaks to get it all back together but in the end had to go and do some heavy lifting to get it all sorted.

That said – if you don’t want to receive this anymore (sad to see you go but hey, gotta do what’s right for you) please let me know through the unsubscribe button top right or via email augustine@augustinesworld.com and I will remove you from the list. Also if there are any details I got wrong in transferring your name across to the new list please tell me so that I can change it. 🙂

Thanks for your patience and I hope that you will stick with us on our journey. Plenty more to come 😉


Below are a couple of teasers for the next blog – should be out in a day or so.

P.S. for those not familiar with this building it is the Taj Mahal in Agra 🙂





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3 Responses to Have you been getting the blog?

  1. Tracey says:

    I’ve been getting it 🙂 can’t wait for more Taj

  2. Althea smith says:

    I’m receiving your mails – look forward to them! A

  3. Maureen says:

    I am getting your emails love to you both

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