Surprising mail

When we were in Sri Lanka we met a man with a fish (see previous blog). I took his photo and he asked me to send it to him. He spoke very little English and I speak no Sinhalese but I managed to copy down something phonetically that I hoped was his address and sent him off the photo with fingers crossed that it would reach him. And it did!!!!

Yesterday my mate at home sent me these piccys of a letter that turned up at her address (which I had used as the return address on the envelope). I have blanked out his address and the girls faces in the interests of preserving privacy (which I hope you understand) but I just wanted to share something that for me puts a big smile on my dial. Love it that something so simple worked out so well.


Such a lovely letter 🙂


girls A fathers pride and joy xoxo

So I guess now I just need to come up with a photo of Dave and me to return to him with thanks 🙂

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    too sweet

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