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A glimpse of Hanoi

Ha Noi city is proving to be a great place. With lower expectations sometimes comes great surprises that make such an impact. Hanoi is certainly a big surprise. Compared to other cities we have visited the traffic here is one … Continue reading

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On to Vietnam, hello Hanoi

Koh Chang was blissful for us. After so long of moving constantly it was a joy to just sit still for a bit. Admittedly it did take me a week or so to get used to the idea but once … Continue reading

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My best travel tips

Now that we are five months into our journey I thought that I might just share a few travel tips I have learnt along the way. Some of this is from my own experience and some from other travellers. When … Continue reading


Thongs and toilets

As we are now done for a little bit with the travelling I thought that I would take the time to tell you about a few things that hadn’t made it into blogs. You see, while we are on the … Continue reading


Ko Chang in the monsoon

So, imagine a tropical paradise… an island that is small enough to drive the outside in a day, the centre a mountain range with dense impenetrable rainforest, ringed with an azure sea and fringed with tiny islands edged with coral … Continue reading

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To Thailand

Leaving Nepal was a sad goodbye but coming to Thailand was like a breath of fresh air. Both of us have visited Thailand a few times (Dave – more than a few) and we knew what to expect but even … Continue reading