Nha Trang

As we have travelled through Vietnam we have met heaps of other travellers. Because the country is long and thin the tendency for most people is to start at one end and make their way to the other. For us it is north to south but many of those we met were going in the opposite direction. Part of the fun is finding out where other travellers have been and getting their recommendations of the best places to visit and things to do.

One of the quirks that we found was that many people said that the city of Nha Trang was one to miss. The main complaint was that it was too busy and touristic (which is quite strange considering some of the towns we have visited have been almost exclusively catering to tourist markets) and that it was ‘full of Russians”.

For us though it seemed like a good place to break the southward journey between Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City so to Nha Trang we went. I cannot imagine what other people saw that we didn’t but we loved the place. Yes, there were lots of Russians but with 6 direct flights from Moscow every week it is not that surprising. What was surprising was that the whole city caters to them. Almost every sign was written in Vietnamese, then Russian and maybe English. The menus in all the restaurants were the same. For Russian tourists Nha Trang must seem like heaven on a stick.

That said they certainly were not a problem for us in any way. Why would they be? They were the same as everyone else, there for a good time at a beach town for a relaxing holiday. Sometimes I wonder about the opinions of others when it comes to large populations of a particular nationality.

Either way we found Nha Trang to be awesome. It had some of the most beautiful beaches we had seen (which seems like a theme all the way down the central section of Vietnam). The bars and restaurants had a great selection of local and international foods and we even found a bar that played the Australia vs New Zealand Bledisloe Cup football match. Another night we found ourselves in the midst of a huge group of Dutch, English and German travellers that made for a crazy night in another one of the many bars. It is an eating and drinking paradise 🙂

To top it all off I even managed to get a bikini custom made for less than $25 done in 1 day!!! No where else have we seen that kind of service. Suits and clothes yes, but not swimwear. I took it to the beach to try it out and have to say it seems to work just fine :).

So in a nutshell I would have to say that Nha Trang is well worth the visit. It may be a little Russian but the upside of that is a vast selection of vodka ;). And for us it was just too gorgeous to have missed. Definitely on the “return for a second visit” list.


As you can see – terrible beaches – NOT!!!!!


Tourists fully catered for.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little bit of Russia


We were in a taxi heading in to town and I could hear ducks, and the sound seemed to go with us as we drove down the street. A quick glance outside explained why. Hard to see but there are 3 baskets full to the brim with ducks all hanging out quacking like crazy. Very cool 🙂

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