I am alive

Hi there faithful long neglected readers 🙂

I thought that I should drop you a line to let you know that I am still alive. I do realise I left you in “deepest darkest Africa” in my last blog where I was filling you in on my adventures in Kenya.

The lack of continuing posts is not a reflection on my lack of interest or anything similar. The unthinkable happened – I got a job!!!!

I have taken on a position as the food and beverage manager of the Ramada Couran Cove Island Resort on South Stradbroke Island just near the Queensland Gold Coast. My employment was completely unexpected and as with many things a happenstance occasion.

I went to a party where the owners of the resort (people I know and that I now call close friends) were in attendance. There was conversation that basically went along the lines of… Them – “yeah, we’re looking for a new food and beverage manager. We need someone to come and sort out some stuff”… Me – “oh, I could do that for you” … Them – “Can you do X, Y, Z”… Me – “yeah, no problem”… Them –  “Great can you come for an interview on Wednesday” … Me –  “Yeah, sure” and voila!!!

The management team on the island said “yes, we’ll take you” and I started less than a week after the initial conversation.

In real terms what that has meant is long days of lots of challenging work and not much (read almost no) down time, thus no blogging. It is an awesome job and I am loving the challenges and the interaction with staff and guests. It is so stimulating!!! Tough but fun.

So, now that the Christmas/New Years madness has passed and I am starting to get my head above water there will be time to get in and start blogging again so I promise, I have not forgotten about you and that there is still a bit more Africa to come and probably a bit of South Stradbroke Island to follow.

This place is heaven on a stick. It is a really natural environment with plenty of photographic opportunity. I am looking forward to getting properly settled in and taking some down time with camera in hand to get out and take some shots.

Just to give you an idea of what it is like I have included a few iphone shots that I have grabbed along the way so that you can see how lovely this place is. Nothing fancy but just a little something.

I will catch you again soon and start blogging properly. In the mean time I wish you health, wealth and happiness and endless love and joy for 2015.


The island has a healthy population of wallabies. This little dude was snacking on mango outside my room one morning.


On Spa Island is our poolside restaurant. I wish I could count the number of times I have crossed this bridge in the last month 🙂


The lagoon surrounding Spa Island is used by kids swimming and lots of kayakers. It is wayyyy cool. Often times guests sit on their balconies with an esky of beers and fish the day away. Some apparently even catch something 😉


In the mornings if I am walking to work I travel along a raised walkway through the “rainforest”. It is simply gorgeous. And as an added bonus, if Dave is here I get him to escort me at night (if I can’t get a lift to my “house”) and the forest is full of bio luminescent fungi. Just waiting for photography here.

IMG_1483The dude who runs the sightseeing plane flights over the island and Gold Coast had a spare seat and invited me for joy flight. Woohooo!!! Great fun but this is a bad areal photo of the resort. My areas are where the swimming pool is (Poolside Restaurant) and a cafe and restaurant where all the boats are parked.

All in all, not a bad place to work. I am living in the treed area at the bottom in a studio apartment and in the evenings I sit and listen to the curlews call and watch these crazy birds run up and down outside on the road. I am looking forward to sharing these sights and sounds with you over the next little while. Could be an interesting journey. Cheers for now (which I think is a remarkably apt end from a food and beverage manager hehehe).

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  1. althea smith says:

    Augustine – Happy New Year too to you and Dave! What a fun experience you are having.

    Looking forward to more from you!

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