I’m back! And I brought elephants as a peace offering.

I know it has been forever! Actually I think it has been forever and a bit more to be honest, but I’m back.

I’d love to say that the reason I’m back is because we have hit the road and are off on fresh adventures but sadly that is not the case – well not at the moment. As always there are plans in the making but nothing solid just yet.

The main reason I am back is because I decided to get busy with my photographs. You see I literally have tens of thousands of images stored on my hard drive, many of which have never seen the light of day so I decided to get into a little show and tell.

I have opened an instagram account to share my travel images. If you have instagram you can follow me here. I am rather enjoying going through some of the old pictures and reliving the moments that came with them. If you don’t have instagram that’s ok. I’ll be bringing the “best of”s right here.

So, to kick things off I thought I might revisit Africa with you – as that’s where we left off.


Old Mother

There is something quite amazing as you drive across the plains in an open topped vehicle, the wind in your hair and the dust in your nostrils. Then out of nowhere you spot the big guys, the elephants. They are so old and wise looking. Enormous (well by my limited standards) tusks just poking out front. At first glance you wonder if they are going to get all cranky and come and ferociously topple the vehicle and trample us all to dust like so many youtube videos, but like so many animals that we saw on the Mara, they really didn’t seem to give two hoots about us. They simply wandered their own path, minding their own elephant business.


Family on the move

Whenever we saw a herd the babies would be well tucked in, safe from any lions on the prowl. The littlies were just so cute. I found myself constantly having to remember – these are wild animals, not something cute to play with.


Who needs a hand

The younger members were beautiful to watch feed. Because they are smaller they can’t reach as high so settle for the lower branches, which in my unskilled opinion looked pretty darned good, and with their little trunks they would grasp the thorny acacia branches and gently guide them into their mouths.



I became quite fascinated by the wrinkles. I mean I think I’ve got a few laugh lines but these wonderful creature have me well whipped. Black and white really brings out the texture of their skin. Wrinkles and feet were my soft spot. I didn’t get too many decent feet pix but the wrinkles were everywhere.



This photo would have to be one of my faves of the elephants. The dust rose perfectly as they were wandering home (wherever home is) and the late afternoon light caught the dust, the grasses, the birds and the herd just perfectly.

I realise that memories are not the same as day by day accounts, but I hope you forgive me. I just wanted to share a few more moments from our wonderful travels.

I have a myraid of excuses for not writing but mostly it was a belief that once a little water had passed under the blog bridge that I could not get it back. I have decided that’s rubbish so a-blogging I will go.

Stick with me. There’s more to come. After all, I’ve got lots of pictures to choose from.

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2 Responses to I’m back! And I brought elephants as a peace offering.

  1. Tracey Hurn says:

    Welcome back! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, we missed you x

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