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My most embarrassing moment – possibly ever

So, as promised in the last blog I am going to reveal one of my most embarrassing moments, certainly if not the most embarrassing, then right up there. As mentioned we were staying in the small coastal village of Ngwesaung … Continue reading


Chicken buses and pristine beaches – Myanmar

Having spent a couple of days wandering the streets of Yangon we decided it was time to hit the beaches. Now, from what we could work out the best and closest beaches that dealt with western tourists was a place … Continue reading



As I sit here on a dull gloomy day listening to the rain pound on the roof I was reminiscing about past journeys and my mind took me back to Myanmar. Not because it was rainy there, the exact opposite … Continue reading

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I’m back! And I brought elephants as a peace offering.

I know it has been forever! Actually I think it has been forever and a bit more to be honest, but I’m back. I’d love to say that the reason I’m back is because we have hit the road and … Continue reading


The stripey one – zebras

I read a lovely book recently about the adventures of a safari guide (Whatever you do don’t run). In it he describes guests trying to take photos of zebras. He describes zebras as “notorious bum flashers”. The bottom line with … Continue reading

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Impala vs Lioness

Our first day on safari was almost over. It had been an absolute cracker! We had seen some awesome animals as we were tripping all over the Maasai Mara, and seen a wildebeest crossing, and I had had my amazing Mohican experience. … Continue reading



I want to start this with an apology. I realise it has been a little while since I last reached out and wrote a blog. Life has been a little challenging of late. We are no longer on the road … Continue reading


The great migration

A girlfriend of mine commented that she thought it was awesome that I had had such a great time in Southern Africa. I smiled and told her “Ummm, it was actually Kenya” and she replied with an exited “yeah, so … Continue reading


An introduction to safari life on the Mara – luxury!!!

Our ultimate organiser (Julie) had picked out 3 areas of Kenya to travel to, the Maasai Mara National Park for the great wildebeest (gnu) migration, Laikipia conservancy where the African Wild Dogs are to be found and Amboseli National Park … Continue reading


On safari

For the last few weeks I have been out of communication range, away from the high tech world that we consider such a part of our regular daily life, away from the internet! And it has been marvellous. Not only … Continue reading