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Why I blog…

A while ago I got a comment on one of the blogs that ran “I’m not sure what motivates you or how it does but I am bloody pleased it does. Your honest, “tell them how they are” stories are … Continue reading

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The Vietnam / American War

Vietnam is a country that has spent hundreds of years involved in one war or another. Originally China was the protagonist having invaded the country and holding reign for a thousand years. The Vietnamese managed to kick them out in … Continue reading


Nha Trang

As we have travelled through Vietnam we have met heaps of other travellers. Because the country is long and thin the tendency for most people is to start at one end and make their way to the other. For us … Continue reading

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Central Vietnam and the gorgeous beaches

Leaving Hue we headed south to the region made famous in the Vietnam/American war as the place for American soldier’s R&R– China Beach. The beach itself stretches for miles down the central coast of Vietnam and I can see why … Continue reading

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Ancient City Of Hue

South of the gorgeous Ninh Binh is the capital of the ancient kingdoms, the city of Hue. We arrived early evening and over dinner met some fellow travellers who had just finished with the city highlights and could give us … Continue reading


Karst Mountains of Ninh Binh

The plan was to get up at a reasonable hour and go and see Ho Chi Minhs mausoleum but like so many plans it kind of went awry. We had been trying to get there all week and we had … Continue reading


A glimpse of Hanoi

Ha Noi city is proving to be a great place. With lower expectations sometimes comes great surprises that make such an impact. Hanoi is certainly a big surprise. Compared to other cities we have visited the traffic here is one … Continue reading

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On to Vietnam, hello Hanoi

Koh Chang was blissful for us. After so long of moving constantly it was a joy to just sit still for a bit. Admittedly it did take me a week or so to get used to the idea but once … Continue reading

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My best travel tips

Now that we are five months into our journey I thought that I might just share a few travel tips I have learnt along the way. Some of this is from my own experience and some from other travellers. When … Continue reading


Thongs and toilets

As we are now done for a little bit with the travelling I thought that I would take the time to tell you about a few things that hadn’t made it into blogs. You see, while we are on the … Continue reading