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Goodbye both India and the Enfield

Before leaving Nainital Dave took the bike to a mechanic to get a quick check up on a random clunk (which was nothing to be worried about) and while he was there got chatting to a local fellow who upon … Continue reading


Goodbye India, hello Nepal.

Well, after an adventurous month in India we have made our way up to Nepal and the land of the Himalaya Mountains. We haven’t finished our plans for India by a long stretch but with weather driving our direction we … Continue reading


Sacred Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most holy cities in India and was right up there on my must see list. It is a city of ancient histories and traditions and mostly for me as a tourist and photographer it is … Continue reading


The Taj

When I was at school I learnt about the Taj Mahal. It was a building in India that was built by a King for the love of his lost wife. She died and he built a fantastic mausoleum in memory … Continue reading


We bought an Enfield!!!!

We bought an Enfield!! That’s great I hear the crowds saying, with a background murmur of “and just what is an Enfield? Some new camera for Augustine? What. Is. An. Enfield?” Actually it is a Royal Enfield and a Royal … Continue reading


Staying in the belly of Delhi

When last I posted about India I said that we were in the south in a beachside town called Varkala and that we expected to be there a good while longer. Well, like many plans ours changed. Varkala was indeed … Continue reading



When I first began traveling about 15 years ago I had a list of places to visit… the lost cities of the Inca in South America, Antarctica, the pyramids of Egypt. The sort of list we all have at some … Continue reading


Shooting people

I was going through my image collection last week and looking for some shots to post to facebook and it became quite obvious that in general I am not what you would call a “people photographer”. Of the literally thousands … Continue reading

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A night on the town

On my last night in Queenstown I decided to take the camera out for a few drinks, to put it through it’s paces in a different environment. It turns out not only can I take photos during the day with … Continue reading

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Well, hello there!

Hi there folks. For all of those that thought to themselves “hmmm, she must have decided not to keep the blog going” you were kinda half right. After much deliberation I have decided that this blog is best served as … Continue reading