Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Augustine and I am a girl who is in search of the world.

When I say “the world” I am talking about the world as I find it. That is a world of visual stimulus, of engaging people and of lessons to be learned and experiences shared.

For now I live in Brisbane, Australia and I spend a lot of my time working out ways to embark on my next adventure. I am always off to somewhere 🙂

This site/blog/monologue/tale is intended to share some of my thoughts and knowledge.

I travel a lot and I anticipate traveling a lot more in the coming years so I thought I might share some of my current experiences, musings from previous journeys and photographic tips and tid bits as they come up.

I hope you will join me on my travels and that you will offer your contributions to my writing through the comments section. Don’t be scared 😉 – I don’t bite.

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12 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Tanya Robertson says:


  2. Mother says:

    You are a younger ME. Enjoy.

  3. Ted Kahmann says:

    Have a very good trip you all!
    and tell my brother Harm to get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful! One life live it!

  4. Kia Willockx says:

    Hi Augustine,

    Thank you for your wonderful stories and pictures! It’s great to get an idea about the adventure you’re all in…. Please say hi to Harm for me, will you?
    Thanks so much and safe travels,

  5. Mita says:

    Hi Augustine, miss your laugh and shouts during our Autumn workshop both in skippers and macetown . Thanks for sharing pictures and stories, all encouraging and beautiful … Luv them All ! Enjoy the next trips you’ve planned and do embrace the world… Be happy and be always beautiful Augustine ! Hugs

  6. Gaz Wilson says:

    Mate, really enjoyed your pics well done…. Keep up the great work..

  7. Lynette Douglas says:

    Really impressed by your photography.

  8. Dave R says:

    Looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes starting Friday, a safe journey for you both.

  9. Denise Libien says:

    Hi Augustine,
    I was at Monday night’s Brisbane Camera Group’s meeting as a new prospective member and saw your presentation. Your upcoming travels sound fantastic and I was really interested in hearing about your plans as well as your decision to travel indefinitely. What a great thing to do! I wanted to talk with you after the meeting but it was getting late. I’ve subscribed to your blog to live vicariously, hear about your travels and hopefully see some great photography. Bon voyage and safe travels :-).
    Denise Libien

    • Augustine says:

      Wow, thankyou very much. I hope you enjoy BCG and thank you so much for joining me on the journey. I’m sure it will be full of ups and downs but it will be an adventure for sure 🙂

  10. Owen says:

    So looking forward to hear about your adventures ~ go for it 🙂

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